Watch the Sink Mount Kit Installation Video

How to purchase the Sink Mount Kit.

The sink mount kit is currently available for purchase through Amazon.  Click on the following link to go directly to our Amazon site:                                                      Click Here to Purchase on Amazon

What’s Included in the Sink Mount Kit?

One kit includes all of the sink installation hardware you’ll need to quickly and efficiently install one undermount sink. The slotted brackets provide a 1/2" adjustment of the sink in all directions, making the final alignment quick and easy. The adjustment screw raises the sink up to meet the bottom of the counter top and holds firmly in place while caulking dries.  See our "Resources" link at the top of this page for information on types of caulking used for setting undermount sinks.

How does it work?

See our installation video or click the "Instruction" link at the top of this page for written instructions.

See the "Parts list" link at the top of this page for a complete list of parts.

What are the benefits of using the Sink Mount Kit?

Sink removal and replacement is possible at any time without removing your counter top.
he sink rests on the bracket until being screwed up into place so applying caulking and final installation is quick and easy.