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Installing an Undermount Sink Using the Sink Mount Kit

Safety Items

1. Whether you are working with a solid top cabinet or a manufactured cabinet with an open top, your rough top plywood will be attached over the top of your cabinets. Do not place your plywood seams near the sink areas as this will decrease its support strength.

2. You are provided 1/2"-thick spacer blocks that may be installed with the sink bracket when additional space is needed for the sink. Depending on the thickness of the rough top and the sink rim, one or two spacers may be used. Solid top cabinets may not require the use of a spacer due to the added material thickness of the cabinet top. (see images below)

Undersink Mounting Kit Spacers

3. This sink mounting system is designed to work with oval and rectangular sinks. In order for the sink mount supports to work properly with rectangular sinks, the interior clear width between cabinet walls must be a minimum of 3" larger than the outside width dimensions of the sink.

4. This undermount sink mounting system is designed for installations of sinks where the combined weight of the sink and its contents to not exceed 50 pounds.

5. Small parts and packaging are choking hazards to children. Keep away from children.

Step 1: Mark & Cut the Sink Hole

1. Mark the center of your sink on the rough top plywood.

2. Determine the proper sink placement by using the manufacturer template or by placing the sink upside down on the rough top surface. Positioning will vary depending on your cabinet size, construction and finish counter overhand. Mark your cut hole 1/2" inch larger than the outside dimension of the sink.

3. Cut out the sink hole.

Note: If your cabinets have solid tops, you will cut your sink hole and drill mounting holes through the rough top and cabinet top.

Step 2: Installing the Mounting Bolts

1. For oval sinks, mark four holes diagonally on the plywood rough top. Rectangular sinks will require two holes along the width of each side. The manufacturer template will be marked with suggested bolt mounting locations.

2. At bolt mounting location, measure out 1/2" from the sink cutout line and mark center point of marking hole. Repeat marking procedure for all four mounting locations.

3. With a 3/4" paddle bit, drill 1/8" into the rough top surface at all four mounting locations.

4. With a 1/4" bit, drill holes for mounting bolts at all four mounting locations.

5. Place mounting bolts into 1/4" hole and pound down into the 1/8" recess. The top of the bolts should be flush with or slightly below the rough top surface.

Tip: Placing another hammer tightly against the bottom of the rough top will provide added support when pounding down and setting the mounting bolts.

Step 3: Final Instructions

1. From the underside of the rough top, secure the support bracket and possible spacer blocks by placing them onto the mounting bolt and connecting with 1/4" water and 1/4" wing nut.

2. Run the 1/4" x 2" sink adjustment screw into the threaded hole of the support bracket

3. Place the rubber screw cap on the 1/4" adjustment screw.

4. Place the sink on the four adjustment screws with the rubber caps and install your counter top. The sink rim should be lower than the rough top surface. If it is not lower the adjustment screws or add a spacer block to each mounting bracket location

5. After the counter top is installed, adjust the mounting brackets and center the sink with the finish sink cut out of the counter material.

6. Apply a bead of caulking to the top of the sink rim.

7. Press sink up to the bottom of the new counter material and secure by raising the sink adjustment screws. Do not over-tighten adjustment screws as damage may occur to the sink or counter material.

8. Finish with a bead of caulking around interior of sink and allow to dry before installing fixtures and drain.

Downloadable PDF Instructions